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    Hi Katy

    We had Helga treated by Rustbusters a couple of weeks ago, cost us £760 +VAT.

    Very professional and easy to deal with. We live in Ipswich, so I drove up early one morning, left Helga and took advantage of the hire car deal they have (cost me less than £40 for 2 days + petrol) Picked her up the next day late afternoon.

    I knew the lower front cross member was rusty from the last MOT, so replaced that before we went (just over £50 on eBay, and about an hours fitting with a friend) Was very pleased not to get a call saying she needed any extra work.

    Underneath, wheel arches etc are now very black and shiny, very happy, and hopefully well protected.

    As Chris & Susan say, you need to go back once a year for a check up, but they also give you a kit to top up yourself if you add/take something on/off.

    All the best

    Chris & Amanda



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