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    Hi All

    Sorry for the delay….I’m not great with the internet and had to wait for my son to help me with that as well!

    Good news I think, the tank doesn’t appear to be leaking.

    We got the camper on a hill (front wheels high side) and dried the water out at the base of the tank then filled the waste water tank and left it for a few hours and nothing was coming down stream or near the bottom of the tank.

    Water was still leaking though. My son spotted that the drain valve from the heater was leaking (even though I hadn’t spotted nor the camper garage).

    So it appears I need to get a replacement safety water drain valve for the heater. The one with the blue cap on the photo below. Has anyone had to replace this? I think the exact part is “safety water drain valve for a Truma Heater T10“. Does anyone know where I might be able to source this from?

    I’ve added some photos for you all. Thanks for all your help and support!



    On the hill

    The tank