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Fred & Gill

    I never posted my mods  as I was keen to see what others would do  – I did write copious notes which I have now lost and in any case lots of photos and ‘how to’ is a little difficult to post one at a time.

    I worked out that the Fiat wiper motor support bracket inverted was not to dissimilar to fit onto the black metal plate from the bulk head below the unit….so I cut some off the wide end and made some little cuts to bend the end at right angles and then with some angle iron bolted the modified piece to the original bracket. The bottom of the inverted support bracket was then bolted to the plate below – see the elements in their ‘offering up stage’ in the photo below.

    Note the original Hymer stay back to the bulk head ( which is woefully inadequate) and Tom and I have replaced  the original ‘Phillips’ self tappers  with hexagonal head self tapper bolts.