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    I’ve now finished this. It’s taken longer than I had anticipated. I decided to use no natural materials as I’m not convinced, I won’t have further screen leaks – also condensation runs down the inside of the screen on to the shelf. I used some Correx sheet. It’s easy to cut with a craft knife and sufficiently strong given the number of supports below. I sealed all the channels before fitting – just in case water got in. I then put some self-adhesive high-density foam on top of the Correx and finally bonded the original fabric to the foam. I used a hybrid sealant (Screwfix X8) to bond the shelf to the underlying tray then more sealant around the edges. It’s not perfect, but then neither is the rest of than van now. I do have an effective demist system now and no worries about further rot. Things I would not repeat: – The Correx sheet wasn’t quite long enough and so it had to be joined in the centre – not a big problem. Also the foam came as separate 600mm squares as I misunderstood the website. I’ll post pics of the finished shelf and the materials below.
    best wishes and good luck