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Barry & Maggie

    Good to hear from you, Keith.

    A few points, but these are only MY opinions and I’m no expert by any means.

    “Warming up engines”…  The greatest wear an engine experiences is in the first minutes that it is started,  while it is cold and before the oil heats up and circulates.   In fact, I have heard that the first SECONDS that an engines starts causes more wear than the first five minutes!  As these are iron-block diesels, they take a heck of a long time to warm up.  So… I’m sorry to say that, in my opinion you are doing far more harm regularly starting the engine up to get it warm just to… start it up and get it warm!  My advice would be to leave it alone, but keep the battery serviced.  There is a case for “engine heaters” (electric elements inserted in the cooling system) which aid warming up in very cold climes.   But these are only worthwhile in EXTREMELY cold climates (Canada, parts of USA, Russia… etc.)

    The engine battery is automatically charged by the Schaudt charger, if the ‘van is left plugged into the mains.  There is no need for an additional/separate charger.  A ‘trickle charger’ may be better than the Schaudt – I don’t know, but I think any difference would  be marginal anyway.  If your Schaudt charger is allowing your vehicle battery to run down, maybe a fuse has blown?

    It’s not recommended to leave the blinds pulled up constantly – it weakens the return springs apparently.  So for long term storage and protecting the interior from excessive heat/cold, thick sheets of polystyrene (of the sort that swathe new televisions, etc.) are recommended, to wedge in the window/roof vent apertures.  Front window blinds (interior or exterior) are recommended too, to maintain an equable interior temperature.

    I hope this helps you, Keith, and at the very least, may spark a discussion!  But these are my thoughts only – others may have different views or experiences.

    Best wishes,