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Bill and Pam

    Hi folks

    Sounds like much Exsisential work is going on in this lockdown.  We realise how important the Exsis is when it is not parked up! Hope all you enthusiasts are enjoying the sprucing up and maintenance which has to be done.  The weather has been great here in the Lakes for the last 4 weeks and we were able to get plenty of jobs done.  It is so frustrating when we can’t just pop out in the Exsis  to our favourite local spots in   Duddon and Crake valleys on empty roads! . There have been some great ideas to solve the shelf problem. Just to mention that our own windscreen shelf replacement has been successful apart from one snag which we touched on a couple of years ago. The air intake for the windscreen is at the rear of the shelf and plenty of adhesive is needed here to make a good seal and drive the air forward. This,  together with the new thin sound deadening material, may cause your shelf to sit high. This could interfere with your blinds mechanism. . Just to say, be careful with any raising of the shelf for you may find it awkward opening and closing the blinds. Keep safe if you are self isolating. Bill & Pam