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Fred & Gill

    Love to be able to help/advise Bill, but as you have found out this is a new one for us on this Forum.

    I expect that you have trawled all the usual spares sites and not found specifically what you searched for – I just had a try. Think you found a good deal for a door.

    Sites that come to mind are Leisureshop Direct/Jacksons/Johns Cross/ Caravan accessories …….

    Other option is Seals Direct but not specific to fridges. I did come across a commercial site that stocked many types of profile and even made seals to order, but didn’t list Thetford ( fridgesealsdirect.co.uk)

    Is the seal any different to normal domestic???? but I notice that they are quite pricey.

    A further option is to ask on a larger more general motorhome forum such as outandaboutlive.

    If you are not already joined to that then let me know and I can ask for you, but didn’t want to ask before checking with you.

    At least its only a niggly problem, Bill