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Fred & Gill

    Just got back from another little trip and found this thread……..

    Please be aware of the history of this van and PLease check it out for rust and genuine repair and MOT.

    At the price it sold there was plenty of scope for a proper repair to be done, but PLEASE watch out for a bodged job for a quick huge profit!!!!!!!

    I came across this on March 11th on the Motorhome Fun Forum in the motorhome chat section headed up as…..’Took me by surprise’ and I joined that forum as a non subscription member especially to post a reply and inform prospective purchasers of  our site. (Barry – you may remember my message to you, or not. ha ha!)

    The owner of the Blue Exsis 2004 was a Bernard Feay from Bolton who was elderly and had bought the van at 20k miles and put another 138k miles on it – its the same 158k !

    He took it for MOT and the garage told him not to bother as it needed too much rust repairs and new tyres

    He put it on Ebay at a very low price and got offered £6k for it and despite rapid further offers sold it for the £6k cash – notes in hand.

    There were several posts telling him that it was too cheap – but it was too late

    this is what I wrote

    Bernard, I am sorry to say that you would appear to have been a bit rash.
    It’s a pity that you were not aware of our website dedicated to the original Exsis www.exsisowners.com
    Information and for sale threads on the website would concur with comments above that these models are indeed sought after and regularly sell well in excess of £20k (often 25k for good ones)
    Recently someone just spent £2500 on extensive rust work and sealing….
    So there is plenty of scope for the new owner to spend quite a bit and enjoy a real bargain or too sell it on and make a small fortune.
    I hope that the lovely little van gave you great pleasure and practical enjoyment in your ten years of ownership – so many of us owners have kept our vans either from new or long term as you did.
    Regards, Fred