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    Hi Jean & Erwin

    I swapped my 2 x 110Ah lead acid batteries, for 2 x  68ah Lifos Lithium. (www.lifos.co.uk) They weigh only 7.5kg each and take up a lot less space, compared to around 20kg for a lead acid, saving 25kg of payload.

    They dropped straight in and use the same AGM setting to charge on the electoblock. They have a bluetooth connection which connects to an app on your phone giving voltage/charge/discharge and remaining capacity. We have a 12v fridge in place of the stock 3 way fridge and with solar panels on the roof, we never need to hook up in the summer, and in winter we can go for a week ‘off grid’. We have a 2kw inverter in Helga, and with the lead acid it would cut out after a heavy toaster session, but with the Lifos batteries, no problem as the voltage stays constant.

    Another positive I have found,  is that if you do hammer them, they can take the charge from the solar panels a lot quicker than the old lead acid batteries, and soon become full again.

    They are expensive, but i bought mine from http://www.simplysplitcharge.co.uk, and got a 5% discount using code vwt4/10 borrowed from a VW forum.

    The batteries are continually evolving and getting cheaper, some motorhome manufactures now fit they as standard or an option.

    Hope this helps a little.


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