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    Hi Keith , been on to my insurance , they are satisfied if it passes M.O.T. inspection for proper fitting and you don’t carry more passengers than there is seat belts for . Inform the D.V.L.A of the changes but I have learnt that they don’t want to know because it it will not change your registration ?? and they will not make any changes to your log , funny one ?? book  but check that out.

    When we were buying  our van in our enthusiasm at the lower bed for the kids and the space and planning trips and seats at the back , after we purchased it dawned on us !!!  How can you sell a van advertised that sleeps three or maybe four and only as two seat belts ?? Hopefully now cured. Also keep an eye on your weight but you can always economise on that. Have fun we did during lock down , kept the old grey matter going.

    stay safe best regards Fred