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    Hi Gary,

    The wiper mechanism and the windscreen shelf are 2 separate issues.

    1. During production/design the windscreen wiper motor had to be moved to accommodate the Hymer designed cab (its a different shape to the original Ducato). It was held in position with brackets that were just not strong enough causing some wiper mechanisms to self destruct. So now many have been ‘beefed’ up with stronger bracing. Look it up on this site, there are plenty of articles including my own mod.

    2. The problem with the rotting shelf is caused by condensation on the inside of the massive windscreen running down and collecting in the corners. Underneath the top matting is a thin plywood sheet and this is what rots. Not all vans suffer with this as it very much depends on how the condensation is dealt with in the first place. My shelf is solid but then I use a desiccant dehumidifier during the winter months and consequently get no condensation at all. Again there are plenty of articles on here and the Little Exsis Book.

    If you are serious about getting an Exsis then it will serve you well to do some reading on this site and the invaluable Little Exsis Book. Don’t be put off by the problems as you need to put them into perspective. All motorhomes of this sort of age have niggles and design flaws but only the Exsis has so much to offer compared to ‘others’ If you have ever seen one in the flesh as it were then you will know why they are so sought after…the amount of space is unbelievable, a very clever design.

    Good luck with your search.

    Regards Dougie.

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