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Fred & Gill

    Thanks for that Barry – come back with better news next time!

    Sorry for Jean and Erwin.

    A very positive chap on the video… just need to find someone like him or have deep pockets.

    Mine just passed the MOT last week, think mine is ok but too old and lazy to crawl about and look  and unlikely to get my ramps out these days. Ever since Dougie posted his extensive repair that was done not too far away from me I have been tempted to get it undersealed and checked – but never get around to it.

    As Ruby seems to be a keeper having had her from new and now unlikely to change with the price of new vans, difficulty in finding a better layout and scarcity of new van availability  – think I ought to spend some of the money I would save on depreciation by treating the van that I love with a good underseal treatment.

    Regards Fred