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    Thanks Fred, got it on the online version, not sure want went wrong with my paper version.

    I’ve see similar couplings on polypropylene drain rods to one of the fixes.

    Half tempted to go down your route though, I create a separate drain. Don’t fancy getting Alzheimers from all that corroded aluminium and I had intended to fit a filter to allow a drinking water tap.

    Did you buy a drain plug made especially to seal onto polypropylene tanks via compression? Where did you route your pipe work?

    I know part of the floor is wooden at the back so I guess it would be easy to route a drain hose. I’ve already had to re-route the overflow pipe in such a way as it looked like the overflow spigot on the filling assembly had previously broken but been bodge glued back together.

    My Exsis is white, I must have got my registration mixed up with the red one as 2 Tony’s with private plates is a bit of a coincidence.

    Mine is reads EX51S XX. Sure it must be totally illegal the way they’ve spaced it but not been stopped yet.

    Might join the Caravan Club for the CL’s, still working though and don’t like to have to book ahead for the weekends as spoils the whole “get up & go” ethos for me. I guess they’re a bit more than a fiver a night from when I was last a member?

    Been doing the Brit Stop style pub stays, out of the way forestry sites, that sort of thing but would be nice to know I was going somewhere with a tap as this van has already had one leaf spring replaced under a previous owner.

    If anyone reads this at a later date and wants to know about LiFePO4 batteries etc, please PM me and I’ll swap emails. That is unless I figure the quirks of this forum. I don’t know even why it puts random HTML in my posts.