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    Sorry Fred I thought when you put . “I have also modified mine so that it drains to the side of the vehicle” you meant you had drilled a separate drain hole. I now assume you’ve ran a hose from the underside and carry a bung too in case it goes pear shaped.

    I’ve had a sneaky look under mine. Doesn’t look like there’s much room for a jubilee clip etc so would be interesting to see how you did it when you get half a chance.

    No intention of removing the old brass plug although still wary of the fixes that keep the aluminium shaft. I reckon even Hymer or whoever makes the tanks would be having second thoughts about putting aluminium in (potentially) drinking water if it’s gonna oxidise as bad as it has.

    I’ve got 240 volts on board so could set up a wacking great big external pump if need be put would be interested to see what you did.

    Thanks again, so much