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Fred & Gill

    We have been away and I hope that this is not too late.

    The original battery fitted to my 2006 SG was an Exide gel 80AH it lasted less than 2 years.

    Many folks over many brands (not just Hymer) suffered from this problem at that time and the reason as with current  new technology batteries AGM & Lion is that motorhome manufacturers fitted  them before charging systems had caught up.

    My van and probably yours is fitted with the Elektoblok EBL 99  and that is not designed to cope with the gel charging regime (even though there is a setting for it on the unit) – Hymer got it wrong.

    You will be better off with a Varta LDF 90,(on lead/acid setting) which is what I have fitted and I am very pleased with and its a lot cheaper. It has a special ‘Powerframe ‘ technology particularly suited to leisure batteries – also for motorhome starter batteries as they spend a lot of time ‘off charge’. Another more recent contender is the Yusa L36 – EFB, but it is more expensive and not not as well proven as the loads of feedback and recommendation of the Varta LDF90.

    I am not an expert on vehicle electrics or batteries and all my information is gleaned from the OutandAbout Live motorhome forum(bigger than this), but in particular there is expert info here