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Fred & Gill

    As Barry has replied above, we do know of this very well built vehicle range, have you looked at the ‘City Suite’ also. For the benefit of our newer members, there is a major problem though, they are eyewateringly expensive – if I remember prices are quoted excluding VAT ? and then you also have to add on all the extras that often come in ‘packs’ on many other manufactures. The lovely fibreglass bodywork also imposes a weight / payload disadvantage.

    Have you noticed over the years how our roads have become narrower? The number of parked cars reducing two way traffic flow and the hedgerows that are not cut back, especially off the beaten track where we are often found.

    Therefore the Exsis also wins here, because the Wingaams at 2.25m wide although narrower  than fuller bodied 2.30/2.35 mainstream vans is still wider that the slimline Exsis.

    It takes a lot to beat the Exsis, which is why so many are in long term ownership still.