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Barry & Maggie

    Oops…  I’ve just re-read your post, Tom & Phyllida, and realise it’s the FRESH water drain you referred to.

    This is a task that I have assiduously avoided for several years, mainly because of my worsening physical condition (I was a wreck before my hip replacement – I’m like a young gazelle now!!) but also because we maintain our Exsis in “going away” condition throughout the winter.  This means topped up with fuel, gas and water and I prevent problems with freezing in the tank and pipes by using a thermostatically-controlled warming dehumidifier when necessary.

    As we don’t use water from the tank for drinking (just washing/washing-up) and I treat it with silver compound, I’ve never actually drained it down.

    But I realise not everyone can or wants to keep their Exsis topped up in freezing weather, in which case that drain is essential.


    A final note, while I’m mentioning “dehumidifiers”, I cannot recommend their use highly enough – they are superb in preventing any damp, or those musty, mouldy smells in a laid-up motorhome –  Go round any second-hand motorhome sales site and you’ll soon understand “that smell”!   A “warming” dehumidifier prevents freezing too, but they do require access to a 240v supply.

    If you’re tempted to use one, don’t bother with 12v ones – I’ve tried three different ones and they were all utterly useless.  The best ones, for our size of vehicle are similar to this one, which was recommended to me by member Charlie…  https://tinyurl.com/ycv6eqtb

    This is a “dessicant” dehumidifier (extremely effective and very quiet in use).  Other types are “compressor” and “Peltier” types.  My advice is to avoid the Peltier types – they are barely good enough for a cupboard, if that!  The 12v ones are Peltier, but I’ve also bought a larger 240v-powered one that was as useless.

    The compressor types are very effective but are noisier than the dessicant types.  Budget for at least £100 to £150.  Cheaper, smaller, less powerful ones are not up to the job, imho.