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Fred & Gill

    Well done Chris and Susan for a very interesting major mod to the Exsis SG that thankfully is reversible.

    The SG is very practical and offers the van to a wider resale market with the extra seatbelts.

    We also found the side bench seat very narrow when we purchased our SG van new in 2007. We also found the original seat bases too soft and too small. We reconfigured our seat bases to give us several options as a single bed, double or for winter lounging by having some thicker (125mm) and firmer Reflex foam topped with memory foam (25mm) made to our larger specified sizes and then Gill made some new covers.

    The side bench seat base now has some plywood under it and is approx. 980mm long x 590mm deep with a slight roll edge. This allows it to be placed across the van onto the lowered table for winter lounging so we both have plenty of elbow room.

    The dinette seat was increased to give greater width and depth to 980mm long x 630mm wide with a slight roll edge. This also allows it to make a good winter lounging seat.

    We also made a smaller ‘infill’ cushion 980mm x 170mm to allow bed configuration and this is stored in the wardrobe.

    I have some photos below and I hope that you don’t mind me showing SG owners an easier option to increase comfort and flexibility.

    winter lounging mode

    winter single bed

    winter double bed