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        Hi there,  after months of owning our Exsis we still haven’t used it due to it spending months (Nov – Jan) at Dealer’s garage and now it’s been at a local garage since March.  The problem is the ABS is faulty ie the warning light is on, but they are finding it impossible to source the part needed to fix it.  I’ve not a clue what the part is but apparently it’s very rare.  ABS / Anti-skid system?   Anyone else had this problem, any idea who might stock parts for the ABS system.  It’s so frustrating, we just want to start enjoying our fabulous little van.  Thanks Jan & Phil

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        Jean Johnson

          Hi,  sorry to say we have the same problem, with warning light, and intermittent red handbrake warning too!

          Sadly this is adding to our rust/ battery etc etc problems … so dispiriting for us.


          We’re trying to find someone who can look at this, and praying it won’t be expensive …. had to spend a lot so far!

          We hope you have few problems and that this ABS issue, can be sorted for both of us.   There are some very helpful folk on this site who may be able to help!


          Erwin and Jean

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          Travel Happy

            Hello Jan and Phil


            I sometimes find I’m driving with the anti-skid symbol showing when I’ve not selected the ASR function. If I stop and immediately re-start the engine then it goes out. This has happened since new (May 2004, I’m the first owner). I raise this because you mentioned the anti-skid system. There seems to be nothing wrong with the operation of my anti-skid system, however, because I park off my neighbour’s drive which is steep (1 in 5/1 in 6) and narrow with a sharp bend. I drive off uphill and every time the front wheels scrabble their way round the bend whilst I hold the line. Not much fun but it shows the anti-skid system is working!


            My personal experience of ABS faults is that they’re expensive. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t have an ABS problem with my van. I think everybody on the site will be hoping to hear from you how your garage solves your fault.


            Erwin and Jean – I’m so sorry about your chassis rust problems. I’ve had 4 bites at this cherry. Each time I asked the garage to tackle everything even before it had reached an advisory phase. In total I’ve spent over £4,000. After the first major job when I got home I went underneath my van to inspect the work. Where they had welded and repaired the chassis visually, and with a light metal hammer tap, it all  seemed fine. What was not, and caused me to drive 11 miles straight back to the garage, were 5cm discs of shiny bright metal where when looking for rust they had scraped off the top surface and then not bothered to underseal it when coating their own welding. Am I being cynical when I say that for me this is another form of planned obsolescence? If this is a common trick of the trade then I recommend that we should all look at the underneath repairs on a ramp before we pay and drive away.


            With best wishes to all,




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            Fred & Gill

              There have been a few ABS related problems over the years…..this is a Ducato related problem not peculiar to Exsis.

              A search on this current site will reveal some reports by Tony

              Page 3 ABS Woes

              Page 5 ABS Fault

              also there is reference in the Little Exsis Book

              Page 768 ABS Control Module Corrosion

              I think that I can also recall that someone had a problem with ABS flickering light many years ago, but that would have been on one of the old sites and lost. My memory may fail me in this report, but I replied that I had a similar problem with my Rover 400 and the local garage discovered that a segmented plastic or Fibre ring that picks up wheel rotation had split and this caused the ring to slip, which activated the ABS light. The ring was changed and the fault cleared.

              I did mention that I had no knowledge that a Ducato operated on a similar principal ……..I think that the person with the fault had this checked out and found that this was the problem on his Ducato Exsis.

              Please understand that I may have got this wrong and this was probably about 8- 10 years ago.

              Best wishes and if you are really stuck you could try to PM Tony


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