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        I am on the hunt for an Exsis SK although there not too many about.

        Any advice/tips on what to look out for on these models, any weak spots, vulnerable area for damp etc?

        Not mechanically or electrically minded so keep it simple please! 😉

        Thank you


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        Barry & Maggie

          If you’re not mechanically/electrically minded, Wend, ensure you have a competent ‘friend’ with you to check out those aspects when you go to view one.

          The Exsis is a remarkably well-built motorhome.  The Fiat Ducato base is reasonably robust, good engines and not too many problems to check for (apart from the usual, rust, damage, etc., although most of these can be simply repaired). The Hymer body is again, very well built, certainly compared with most other motorhomes and is possibly the best-constructed in it’s class  – quality of fittings, assembly, equipment, etc.  So buying one is a reasonably painless decision!

          Area of dampness at the bottom of the windscreen (on the inside) is a minor problem – answers on this site how to deal with that. A sticking electric step is a perennial grumble, normally sorted with an extensive bout of jet-washing; the basin in the washroom can have small cracks round the plughole and the backplate to the basin can sometimes be in poor condition and/or discoloured, details of remedies are again available on this site.  But apart from that, I’m struggling to think of anything major that should trouble you.

          Motorhomes generally are such complicated devices with all sorts of delicate items that can go wrong, that whatever make/model you buy, the potential problems will be more or less the same.

          I have written before about “purchasing an Exsis” and irrespective, I’d advise you to download Tom’s “The Little Exsis Book”, read through it and concentrate on those articles that deal with your interests.

          Good luck in your Exsis hunt and keep in touch.


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            Most helpful, thank you Barry for taking the time and trouble to respond.

            Best wishes


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