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        Hello everyone.

        On my Hymer Exsis SK from 2005 (mounted on Ducato 2.8 JTD), I noticed recently a marked pitching.

        I first thought about the 3 solar panels that I had to install about 8 cm above the roof. Of course, one could think of a wind catch,  but I remember that at the installation of the solar pannels, it was quite manageable.

        So, the CC having 200’000 km, I read the forums and I must say that some parts need to be changed or improved (I had the left front shock absorber changed about 3 years ago because of the infernal noise).

        I must also underline that I have 58 kg  on the left side and 61 kg  on the right side of batteries (+big water tank) ! This is quite equal and I don’t think this has anything to do with this pitching.

        Question: if I go to the Fiat dealer, is there any chance that he will see everything in black and tell me to change shock absorbers/suspensions or air suspensions could be more economical? I also have the impression since the beginning that the rear right is lower (tank side, full or empty).

        Best regards.

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