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      Happy Traveller

        Does a visitor from the Isle of Man count as overseas visitor to England?  We were today joined in a farm shop car park near Bath by another Exsis parked virtually back-to-back. Confirmed it was an Isle of Man number plate when the owner came for a chat. Given how little we’ve been out since our last holiday – the Orkneys, autumn 2019 – it was a surprise and pleasure to meet another Exsis fan. We hope to repeat that trip this year, our first since then because of covid-19 complications.


        Best wishes to everyone out and about  in these difficult times.



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        Fred & Gill

          Overseas visitor, but same Exsis Family Keith.

          How about this for a co-incidence.

          We were touring Cornwall last week and during our cool outdoor early evening social drink one evening Gills brother -in-law (own van)….suddenly remembered seeing an Exsis recently with an unusual number plate in Wells . You guessed it same van IOM!


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