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      Barry & Maggie

        Hello all dear friends,

        This is a final appeal for someone to come forward and run this great site.  The site provider’s contract runs out at the beginning of August… if no-one takes up the reins by the end of July, there will be no more Exsis Owners Forum – all the information and posts will be lost.

        I hope Tom will he able to make a last update to the Little Exsis Book this month, which will preserve a lot of the information there.

        Please, is there no-one with the interest and ability to just keep watch over the comings and goings of fellow Exsus Owners, the way I’ve done for the last eight or nine years?

        I’m so sad to have to move on in this way and I REALLY want this site to remain, to support Exsis owners of the future.

        Best wishes to you all.  I hope to hear from someone.

        Fingers crossed.


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          <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Barry</p>
          Unfortunately I’m not in a position to take the role on due to work commitments.

          Maybe If you explain a little more about what is actually involved in running the site.  Is a vast knowledge of IT required, you say your son is the main IT man.

          There might be people happy to get involved if they know it is more admin than IT.



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          Barry & Maggie

            Thanks Alan.

            There really is nothing to it.  The site is already set-up and either myself or my son will naturally help and guide whover takes over.  My son has actually created an entire guide as to how the site has been set up and what needs to be done – it’s too big (5 pages) to create here, but if anyone is genuinely interested, I will forward the details directly to them.  I have a lot of email attachments with things like Schaudt diagrams/instructions, etc., that I will forward.

            Day to day, nothing needs to be done – just see that queries are answered if you’re able to, rogue subscribers are blocked/deleted (not had any of those since my son installed a ‘patch’) and just enjoy running the site!  All the hard work’s been done!

            The cost to whoever takes over is about £175 per year.  I shied away from charging members – I didn’t want that sort of a site – but you would be free to run the site however you wish, taking subscriptions if you needed to.  This charge would be increased if the site is abandoned and then restarted at a later date.

            Any questions I will be happy to answer.  Just email hymerexsis@gmail.com


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            Fred & Gill

              Just hope that some one comes forward, especially for more recent owners benefit and perhaps to protect the value of their recent investment. It must be very helpful and confidence boosting for prospective buyers.

              Perhaps many older owners like myself are not really confident with computer tech/phones etc – at our age it take a very special person …..like you Barry, who not only have mastered those challenges (with the help of Stephen), but have the exceptional willingness and dedication to help others – a remakable effort!

              Just look back and see the benefit that has been derived.

              Thanks for making those that were not aware that there is a cost factor to running this site.

              Going forward it really does make sense for us owners to make a contribution – I am willing to pay more than my fair share to help keep this site afloat (it will have to be cheque as we don’t do electronic banking -ha ha, I said that I was in the dark ages).

              If you still keep this site going Barry –  I am going to pay you some money this time even if I have to come down and stuff it in your hand – after the lockdown, of course)


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              Barry & Maggie

                That’s very kind if you, Fred!!

                You’ve always been a great supporter of this Exsis site and without your (and other’s) active help, it wouldn’t be the site it is.

                I really, REALLY, do hope someone takes over, with a new enthusiasm and ideas.  If they do, I’ll still be around to support the site and all the lovely people I’ve met on here.


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                  Hi Barry,

                  Ok, I’ll give it a go.  I’ll commit to running the site for one year to see how it goes.  What’s the next step?

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                  Barry & Maggie

                    Hi Piers,

                    Thank you SO much.

                    I’ve contacted you by email so we can discuss all that is involved.

                    Best wishes.


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                      Thanks Piers


                      That’s great news, it would have been a shame to lose this great site

                      I will gladly pay a subscription and would have in he past.  It never occurred to me that it cost so much to run.

                      Good luck with it


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