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      Piers Calascione

        Been struggling to post to the forum. Let’s hope all is now working…here’s my 1st post:
        I’ve replaced a split bathroom basin waste pipe. There’s a good write-up of this starting on p. 95 in the Little Exisis Book. Here’s my notes. To remove:
        1 Remove the panel below where the basin sits in its’ cubby hole
        2 Remove the screws & 2 brackets under the basin holding the basin & light column.
        3 Loosen the jubilee clips at each end of the basin waste. Tip: I drilled an 8mm hole in the underside of the basin to give screwdriver access to the jubilee clip.
        4 Remove the 2 light cables from the junction block. Note where they are connected.
        5 Remove the waste pipe section – about 60cm long. Retain the connecting plug from the downstream end.
        6 Order replacement pipe from ebay. 19/20mm (3/4 inch) standard pipe. £5 for 1m delivered.
        7 Re-assemble. It’s a fiddle to access the junction block to re-connect the light cables. I wasn’t able to re-mount the junction block on top of the black vent duct as in the LEB write-up. I removed the block, used long nose pliers then screwed the block back.  Re-attaching the column is straightforward & simply a reverse procedure.

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        Barry & Maggie

          Glad you were able to sort it, Palcal…  Thanks for the update.


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            Hi Piers

            Welcome to the forum (eventually!)

            I also had to replace the bathroom pipe in Helga last month, split where it went through the fi al bend at the bottom.

            Was a bit of a 2 person job to get it back connected to waste tank, I couldn’t get my big hands in, so Amanda had to do that bit while I pushed from the kitchen end.

            I got the pipe from B&Q, about the same price.

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