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      Barry & Maggie

        Have you noticed, if you drive a left hand drive Exsis, that your driver’s side windscreen wiper goes to the bottom of the windscreen OK but doesn’t nearly wipe enough in front if your eyes, leaving a big vertical unswept area to the left of the windscreen?

        This is easily modified (though not cured completely). The wiper should have a few more degrees “sweep”, but it doesn’t – nothing practical that you can do about that. But… If you loosen the nut holding the wiper arm to the spindle, you can pull off the wiper arm, then reposition it so that it sweeps more toward the the left edge of the screen. The downside is that it doesn’t now park right at the bottom of the screen but a little way up. If you’re happy with that, then that’s it. I preferred the greater vision through the upper part of the screen when driving.

        A simple mod, just a couple of minutes with a spanner, that could improve your vision when driving immensely.


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          Es cuestion de probar.  Esto fastidia mucho…gracias

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