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        Hello everyone

        While driving to MOT station I heard a loud bang , thinking a drawer had come open I continued to have test carried out only for it to fail on a broken rear near side spring !
        Contacted local Fiat main dealer and was quoted an eye watering £867.67 plus vat ordered from Italy with one week delivery . Asked if I wanted to go ahead I said no I was going for a lie down !!
        Further investigation and recommendation from MOT tester I contacted a specialist spring manufacturer he had one ex stock for £93 + £10 ea for ubolts So please beware

        regards to all hope we’ll all be on the road soon


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        Barry & Maggie

          A good and timely warning, Rowellskid.  Thanks for that info.

          One of the aims when I took over this site, was to try and show people who had just a modicum of diy skills, that projects on the Exsis were possible WITHOUT resorting to expensive dealers.  It also provided a means by which owners could pass on hints and tips specific to Exsis’.

          I have recently also highlighted the utter scam that, to me, “habitation checks” are.  Hymer’s warranty was reliant upon regular servicing at THEIR dealers until this was shown to be unlawful (thanks, EEC!).  Checks for leakage or water ingress continued to be demanded for their warranty to remain valid.  This seems to have been taken up by the motorhome dealer fraternity en bloc, and now people are frightened if the requisite numbers of stamps in the service books are not present.  What a scam, and at £200 a time too.  My observations are here, in the Little Exsis Book…

          “Apart from Hymer’s requirements re their annual damp test (to maintain their
          warranty) I really cannot see the worth in an annual “habitation service”.  They’re rather expensive and in over 30 years motorhoming I have never had a problem that would have been discovered with a “habitation check”!
          Damp – buy a little damp meter and check the m/h yourself. Gas – soapy water on every joint you can reach, looking for bubbles and also use smell. Water – look in all the likely places a habitation water leak could seep and maybe use the damp meter again. 12v – visual check of obvious wiring dangers and are appliances working as they should? (a difficult-to-start fridge needs dealing with, for example). 240v – a visual check again – the various trips and fuses should protect everything. And then deal with any problems when and IF they happen.
          These sensible periodic examinations of all the obvious bits’n’pieces in the m/home should be enough to keep major problems to a minimum. Yes, there may be very occasional problems, and yes, they may have been spotted during a “habitation check”. But in my opinion you’re better off saving your money and either deal with problems IF they arise, or then pay for a dealer to repair if you can’t deal with it. I think the current fad for “habitation checks” is good for people who really cannot examine their m/homes, but for the able-bodied, sensible majority I think they’re
          just a money-spinner for dealers.
          Just my humble opinion though!”



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