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      Jean Johnson

        Hello again,

        From the heavily rusted bottom folks!!

        It’s all been a bit of a nightmare … as one or two of you will have seen from the  video. However, after 6 weeks, we now have Hector back, with a practically fully replaced bottom!  The guy that did it had to work very hard, and it was a bit of a labour of love,  …… he’d done similar to his own van years before.  We were fortunate, as he said he’d never generally embark on such a huge and complex job. He had to strip everything off, on the less obviously holey, rusted parts, though much of it was very visible … we just stupidly didn’t look, being very new to motorhomes !!

        He replaced panels, and had to make a lot of parts, as much was not available. A lot of welding too. It took very many hours of work, hence huge expense for us. We won’t go there, just won’t be doing anything expensive for a few years ……..   We believe he’s done a very good job!

        We’ve just been very unlucky, with various expensive jobs having to be done, since our purchase.

        Lessons would be to get very thorough checks and surveys done, especially underneath, given the age of these vans, before buying.

        We’re hoping and praying that nowt else will go wrong, at least for a couple of years anyrodeup!!!

        We’ve booked a few campsites during the next couple of months, to try and make the most of having him … even tropical Folkestone …. and sunny Isle of Wight.

        Thanks for your help.

        Erwin and Jean

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          Can you post a direct link to the video?  The one above isnt displaying properly



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          Jean Johnson

            Hiya Tony,

            We’re totally unteccy … and ‘un’ lots of things come to that, so not sure how to post the video directly. However Tresjolie asked for it, a while ago, and I sent it to him somehow, so please can you ask him to pass it on to you.

            We’re so fortunate to have found a garage willing to take it on    ……. doubt he’d do it again, bless him !!

            E n’J
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              Good afternoon Tony

              I have the video and have posted it in the Little Exsis Group on FB.

              It is 44Mb in size and I’m having trouble posting it here. I could send it via mail but it would be easier if I put it on my Google drive and make it available to Mike who could put it in the Manuals etc link



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