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      Barry & Maggie

        Poor Jean & Erwin are having yet more bad luck with ‘Hector’.  This rust that’s been discovered during the MoT is very extensive along the chassis rails, starting at the jacking point.  It seems to me that it’s hidden behind panelling and only becomes apparent when a bubble of rust is seen on the service or the MoT tester finds it.  My mechanic was unaware of extensive rust as I’m sure many of you and your mechanics might be.

        I thought you might all be interested in this YouTube video, which is typical of lots of Ducati rust repairs.   Most of them are of this type, so it is clearly a weak spot…

        There are many other “Ducato rust” clips on YouTube.

        Here are some parts that might be needed by your garage, Jean & Erwin – I think the garage might be having difficulty sourcing the parts?   I think these are the only parts they need – the rest is just sheet steel repair and welding.  Here… https://is.gd/a1Gbge and here… https://is.gd/FOZQix

        So… a warning to you all… unless undersealed from new, there WILL be rust evident, especially as these Exsis’ approach 18 and 19 years of age, and the seriously bad rust only becomes apparent when the MoT tester takes his hammer to the MoT failure-points (the jacking point being the most vulnerable), as seems to have happened with Jean & Erwin.  It looks as though the owner in the YouTube clip has suffered the same.

        Good luck, Jean & Erwin.  Please keep the Forum updated with how this progresses – it’ll help others.  I do sincerely hope this is sorted and it is the last of your bad luck.


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        Fred & Gill

          Thanks for that Barry – come back with better news next time!

          Sorry for Jean and Erwin.

          A very positive chap on the video… just need to find someone like him or have deep pockets.

          Mine just passed the MOT last week, think mine is ok but too old and lazy to crawl about and look  and unlikely to get my ramps out these days. Ever since Dougie posted his extensive repair that was done not too far away from me I have been tempted to get it undersealed and checked – but never get around to it.

          As Ruby seems to be a keeper having had her from new and now unlikely to change with the price of new vans, difficulty in finding a better layout and scarcity of new van availability  – think I ought to spend some of the money I would save on depreciation by treating the van that I love with a good underseal treatment.

          Regards Fred


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