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        Hi All,

        I have a 2004 Exsis which has a problem with the cabin lights.

        The left hand cabin lights, that is the strip light above the kitchen, the strip light above the dinette and the swivel lamp at the front end have all stopped working. All other lights work fine.

        I have checked all fuses that I can find and all seem ok. There is a power feed to the left of the kitchen but no power is detected. Stripping all fittings to trace the wires looks a little daunting and I wondered if any one has experienced this and I’m missing something.

        There is evidence of mice infestation but as far as I can see no evidence of wire nibbling.

        Would appreciate any advice.

        Thank you,

        Paul Johnson.




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        Barry & Maggie

          My first thought is that there’s a fuse somewhere that you’ve missed, Paul.  It could, of course, be a wire that had come adrift and following that dead live wire back to source is a good first step, once you’ve rechecked all the fuses.  Your mouse problem could also prove crucial.

          I don’t have access to my Handbook at the moment.  Perhaps someone can have a look at the wiring diagram and suggest an exact location for the fuse.

          Finally, don’t believe what a fuse ‘says’ – they’re little liars!  Only pass a fuse as OK if you have electrically tested it.

          Good luck.


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            Thank you Barry.

            I’ll try that and check the fuses again. Hope it is a fuse, I thought I had found them all but maybe there’s an inline one somewhere obscure!

            Appreciate your help.

            Best wishes,

            Paul J.



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              Hi Paul

              The circuit diagram doesn’t show an obvious fuze so I pulled out the Kreis 2 10A fuze next to the tv fuze that’s the one to go for. I guess Kreis 1 must be the overhead lights.


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              Barry & Maggie

                Thanks  Tom.


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