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        Hi everyone

        Has anyone matched the cupboard paint colour – the champagne sort of colour? And if so, would you mind sharing the details?

        Reason for asking to follow!


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        Chris and Susan

          Hi Katy

          we tried bringing one of the cupboard doors to the Valspar desk in B&Q to get a colour match – it’s quite tricky as there’s a kind of metallic sheen to the surface that confused the colour-matching computer! The shade we ended up with was close-ish but not an exact match. They can sell you quite a small tester pot (from memory it was less than £10) so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like it

          Chris & Susan

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          Fred & Gill

            I am sure that you (Katy & Alistair) will solve it  having had some good solutions in the past to issues.

            Feedback for us might be useful, but I am trying to be super careful now.

            Good idea Chris – or perhaps a car/touch up touch up service can colour match?

            Good to hear from you both – are you still riding the classic bikes? or was it too wet this summer.

            I put my Moto Guzzi 850 v twin back on the road in April after a lay up of 10 years ….. it was a panic measure just before I was 75! Nice to ride, but too big to manhandle a few more rides before winter perhaps, but next year?


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              Thanks Chris and Susan and hi Fred.

              The good news is that the fridge leak was just the blocked condensation run. Alistair sanded down the damaged area, and filled it, sanded, filled and then sprayed with a Valspar paint which we’d already used for the spotlights. It’s the same colour but not the pearly version. It looks better than damage and we will try and get a better match.

              Al hasn’t really ridden much this year and not the old bikes, no. Though his regular bike is an old BMW GS. At the start of the pandemic he didn’t want to ride in case of accident and ending up in overstretched hospitals. This year has been really wet and he’s just not felt like it. Same with racing… didn’t think it sensible to put himself at risk.

              Next year, as you say, we have all our fingers crossed that it will be brighter!



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