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        the cruise control on my left hand drive 2005 2.8 SK  is on the  left hand web of the steering wheel, the ducato handbook i have has no picture or explanation as to how it works.

        As i have never used it, didn’t even know there was one on the vehicle, perhaps someone with the same control could enlighten me as to how it works.

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        Barry & Maggie

          I can’t help, I’m afraid… I don’t have one fitted to mine.

          Can anyone help?

          Good luck.


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            Should have buttons both sides of the wheel, on/off on the right hand side, reset and +/- on the left hand.

            When driving at your desired speed press the on button then the +, you can then take your foot off the accel pedal.  To gain speed + to lower -, to disable you can lightly touch the brake pedal or press off.

            You can accelerate as normal with the cruise on and it will go back to your set speed when you take your foot off.

            Reset will use your last set speed only if the cruise is on.

            Hope this makes sense, it worked for me today.

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              thanks for the info, i can’t find any info on the net , so thanks again as i said i never knew there was one fitted, wondered what the wheel buttons were,

              Thanks again, it just keeps on giving


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