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      Barry & Maggie

        I’ve just read an account, on another site I belong to, of a British couple touring Rumania who were conned by some Serbians.  In a “former life” I dealt with criminal frauds and this was a well-known one, so it’s worth relating it here so you are all forewarned.

        What happens is that, when you’re away from the vehicle maybe shopping or sightseeing, or even at night (as in this case) the offender(s) reach under the engine and disable the engine, either by pulling a particular electrical connection apart or, as in this case, physically cutting the wire to the starter solenoid.  They then sit back and wait for you to return, or wake up, and want to drive away.

        Of course, you cannot start the engine and they gallantly come across and offer to help.  They diagnose a problem but they can easily fix it for you (£??), return with “a part” that they fit and relieve you of your money, in this Rumanian case, £400 for a “new” ECU that was clearly the one they’d just taken off!

        This con has been going on for years.  We first heard of it over twenty years ago, in a supermarket car park in South London!

        So be warned, folks.

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