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      Jean Johnson

        Hi all,

        We are looking into getting one of these air tent awnings  ……  ( when we can afford it!) for our fairly newly acquired Exsis. We would like it to be a reasonable size, have a canopy, not too heavy, and be made of good quality material, so it lasts. We’d be ok with second hand, if it is in good condition. We’d be most likely to use it for longer trips, say of a couple of months.

        Many thanks for any help or advice,

        Jean and Erwin
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        Barry & Maggie

          Hi Jean & Erwin,

          This is a much better option than the ubiquitous “Safari tent”, which, in my opinion, are totally unsuited to a motorhome (they have to be taken down each time you want to move the ‘van, even just a few metres!).

          I’m not sure about the inflatable aspect of the otherwise-excellent choice of a side tent.  “Packed size” is the critical part (because storage in the Exsis is so restricted).  I would go for the smallest “packed size” awning tent I could find, commensurate with the overall size you need, so I recommend you look at that aspect before you set your heart on any particular one.

          I think “air tents” pack larger than those with either fibreglass or tubular poles.

          Good luck.


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            hello Jean

            They are a bit pricey, but have you seen Oz Tents.

            We have a 6’x 6′ Oz tent, we’ve had it for 4 years and it’s been great. You can get other sizes and various add-ons; and they are really easy to put up and take down and well made.  We bought ours from  Norwich Camping but I’ve no idea how much they cost now.

            You can see videos on YouTube.

            Hope this helps



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            Jean Johnson

              Many thanks again Nozzi, for your help/advice!

              We looked at Norwich Camping, very good site. As we’ve had to spend a lot so far on our motorhome, we were looking for a sale item, and found one there, a Kampa Motion air driveaway tent.

              Unfortunately more spending ahead, due to fitting it not being at all straightforward. The existing Omnistor awning, that no longer works, is old etc, was fixed into the C rail above it, meaning it’s impossible to use the C rail for the tent to fit into. As it would be expensive to have a new awning, as well as tent, we hope that a J rail, fitted to the old Omnistor, will be sufficient to fit the tent into  …..  fingers and earlobes crossed.


              Thanks again for your help.

              Jean n’Erwin
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                we have a Vango air canopy & sides. It’s ok for less inclement weather and it’s super easy and quick to put up. We had to install the correct kador rail (actually the one on the van is good but a Fiamma awning bracket covered it).

                there is another company (can’t remember who) who makes air awning in a thicker fabric.

                ours fits neatly under the bench seat but does take up most of the room there – the pump is quite big.
                hope that helps

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                Jean Johnson

                  Many thanks, the Vango sounds nice, we bought a Kampa motion one in a sale, problems to fit, as the awning on ours has been bolted to the c rail, and the awning no longer works, so trying c rail fitted to redundant awning …. at a later date will get new awning …..



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