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      Tom and Phyllida

        I know this question  must have been asked before , but does anyone have a view on the best drive away awning for our Exsis ?


        I think I would prefer one of the newer air awnings, and am interested in others observations about weight and stowage whilst travelling .


        Any thoughts would be appreciated


        Tom and Phyllida

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        Barry & Maggie

          On pages 4 and 25 of “The Little Exsis Book” there are some good observations and discussions about “driveway awnings”, Tom & Phyllida.

          I personally don’t have one now, but I did (albeit in a larger m/h, plus family!) and found it very convenient.

          If you develop any specific questions after reading this lot, plus what others may say now, come back to us and we’ll try to help further.

          My only input now would be to avoid “Safari” type awnings, which are not “drive-away” anyway.

          Good luck.



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          Fred & Gill

            As Barry highlighted there was discussion on awnings several years ago in the Little Exsis Book, problem is that there will now be newer varieties.

            Our drive away awning (is in photos) is now about 15 years old as we kept it from our previous camper van days.

            I probably only bother to use it once or twice a year now and that is if we go away using sites with family, because we may have extra bikes and chairs and are perhaps more inclined to sit in the awning as the evening draws on and gets chillier( soft southerners!).

            When Gill and myself go touring we only spend a night or two in one place and the table & chairs fit in the boot and our folding bikes fit in the front of the cab with the front seats turned sideways, so we have no need to bother and we would only sit outside as long as it was comfortable anyway.

            We are lucky because the smallish porch awning and separate poles will fit into the Exsis boot along with the table/chairs and small Cadiz bbq and 907 camping gaz cylinder.

            I have no practical experience, but no doubt like you I have read comments on various Forums.

            It would seem that negative comments can be made about the overall bulk and weight, which stands to reason as it is an all in one unit and perhaps the air beams  are a little more substantial than the normal fabric.

            Sorry that I can’t be more helpful specific to brands and models.



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              Late last year, we bought a Kampa Travel Pod Motion Air driveaway awning. We’ve used it for a few days and it is fantastic. We carry it in a Fiamma back box (mounted on the cycle rack). We have found already that it gives us so much more living space when staying in the same place for more than a few days.   I would highly recommend it. Cheers, Mike.

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