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      Barry & Maggie


        I thought I had an Electroblock problem… no 12v, no working step, no lights, no nuffink! But when plugged into 240v, everything worked!  All the fuses seemed OK.  I was stumped.

        I consulted Martin Bushnell at ‘A and N Caravan Services’ (Formerly ‘Atlantic Motorhomes’) and I received a magnificent, fully comprehensive reply, including a pdf attachment with more precise information.

        Part of Martin’s advice was to check/recheck fuses, because the problems my Exsis was experiencing is normally because of “battery or wiring problems”. I checked again, even the fuses that I didn’t think were connected, and Lo! & behold, not one, but TWO fuses had blown.

        So… no Electroblock problem, no removing it, no packing it up, and no sending it off for an unnecessary ‘no fault found’ “repair”. And all because Martin is a really helpful guy, not looking to make a quick buck, but genuinely helping people, maybe even with the chance of losing an easy job. What a gentleman.

        So. If you have Electroblock problems (or think you have!) you know who to call…
        Martin Bushnell
        A & N Caravan Services,
        N. Wales
        (so no visitors – they’re still in lockdown)
        07771 825303

        In the past, our own members have used Martin and his colleague Alan (who has since sadly passed away) and have reported that they are excellent.


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