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      Fred & Gill

        For many years us long term owners have often commented on a wish for a new updated version…..but it’s never been forthcoming and is probably too late for most of us now, as indeed in recent years many have moved on from motorhomes. Would Barry or Mike have considered this one?

        I have just read about a new challenger, which in my mind looks like a box van without the style of the Exsis – its the Chauson or Challenger (same French brand) X550 Combi.

        Google it and see what you think. No mention of a UK offering yet  – perhaps one of the UK Trigano brands will offer one?

        I would think that it lacks the storage of the Exsis, the drop down bed although smaller may well suit us older folk though.




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        Barry & Maggie

          Well spotted, Fred.

          It’s an Exsis!!

          A few points… a lower roofline – the bed lowered would probably not leave room to sit at the table, and not as roomy inside for the very tall.   Why no offside window, for goodness’ sake?  Just a big, blank wall??  That would be a must for me, to be fitted by the dealer before I took delivery.  I couldn’t see the fridge?  The plan says it’s just inside the door, a la Exsis, but the photos just show a wardrobe.  And I’m sure the quality is not as good.

          But… hey ho, an excellent replacement.  No price shown, but I’m guessing, ooh, upwards of £65k??

          Well done, Fred!   At last…



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            Difficult to consider replacing during the pandemic. If( a big if) we were replacing the difficulty usually is the bed. It would have to be centralised so as not to disturb each other in the night. We don’t like sliding doors so it couldn’t be a van conversion.

            We have lived in ours for probably 5 or 6 years, doing six month winter trips to France, Spain and Portugal.

            We are still ok with using the drop down bed so getting something that offers the same usable space and payload as the Exsis would mean a much larger van.

            We won’t be doing long trips away anymore, probably six weeks longest. and don’t want to pay £40k to £50k after trade-in for something that is inferior.

            We have been to some locations where the low profiles will bottom out.

            Still loving TresJolie

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