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        Hi fellow members. I have recently gleaned lots of useful help and information from both Barry and the Exsis members and forum. I now hope I can give some help back to all who are interested. I like many members have  grandchildren who you may wish to take on a day or a longer holiday ? The perennial problem , seating and belts !! I have I think solved my problem and maybe yours, bare in mind all your efforts and endeavours must be yours . I am only passing on an Idea and hope it can help . I have done a photographic archive of my effort , many photographs if anyone wants to see them all just contact me and I will  gladly E-mail them . My simple diagram was a doodle which I turned into reality which suits us and we find has worked. the bonus is it can be removed and you are back to original space, just missing a downstairs bed and one side seat but more space for two. Do hope I have not caused anyone a lot more  work. Have fun I did.

        stay safe FredROOM FOR MORE


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          germ of an Idea

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            short rocknroll bed

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                room  for more

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                Travel Happy

                  Hi Fred


                  I’ve often wondered about fitting rear seats and belts and now you’ve shown it can be done. It’s particularly topical for me at the moment because when visiting us this year my daughter, her husband and two children have been cooking, sleeping, etc in our SK. To provide them with the freedom to drive it off would be fantastic. What did your insurance company say about this modification?


                  Thank you for this post.


                  Best wishes to all in these difficult times.



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                    Hi Keith , been on to my insurance , they are satisfied if it passes M.O.T. inspection for proper fitting and you don’t carry more passengers than there is seat belts for . Inform the D.V.L.A of the changes but I have learnt that they don’t want to know because it it will not change your registration ?? and they will not make any changes to your log , funny one ?? book  but check that out.

                    When we were buying  our van in our enthusiasm at the lower bed for the kids and the space and planning trips and seats at the back , after we purchased it dawned on us !!!  How can you sell a van advertised that sleeps three or maybe four and only as two seat belts ?? Hopefully now cured. Also keep an eye on your weight but you can always economise on that. Have fun we did during lock down , kept the old grey matter going.

                    stay safe best regards Fred

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                    Fred & Gill

                      That is a remarkable transformation, Fred.

                      Seems to take nothing away from the SK and adds the ability to carry passengers.

                      Well Done!

                      From one Fred to another.

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                        Thanks Fred for your kind  words . Away on trial next week if they let us out ? and if out let us back ? Already suited with the arrangement and kids very happy to get a run out .

                        stay safe Fred

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                        Barry & Maggie

                          That’s an amazing job, Fred.  It reflects something another member did a few years ago, whose name I have sadly forgotten, but who brought THE most magnificent tiramisu to our Exsistravaganza!

                          I investigated the legality of “riding in a vehicle without a seat belt” some years ago.  It is NOT an offence for anyone sitting in a properly constructed sideways-facing seat to not wear a seat belt – in fact, a seat belt must not be fitted to such a seat either.  Your insurance company may have a separate ruling, though.  It is actually DANGEROUS to wear a seatbelt whilst sitting facing sideways if involved in an accident – if the hips are restrained while the upper body twists or travels sideways as it could do in a frontal crash, it could result in a broken back.  Think about it.

                          So Fred’s design could be the saviour for those of you with children/grandchildren, who want to take them with you, but keep them safe and legally restrained.

                          Thanks Fred.


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                            Just get an SG!  BTW there are seat belt mounts concealed behind the two plastic covers just forward of the habitation door – I use mine to hold a fire extinguisher!


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