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        with only 1 battery, if fully charged, how long would the heater fan on low last?

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        Fred & Gill

          From the original installation manual.

          Rated thermal output 3700W

          Gas Consumption 150/310 g/h

          Airflow Rate approx 70/102 m3/h

          Current Input at 12v 1.0/2.3 A

          Standby 0.01 A

          It’s how long is a piece of string because of all the anomolies i.e – other power use & temperature…..so divide 1.0 a/h into battery usable capacity.

          We are low energy users don’t light up like Blackpool Illuminations & don’t  use a television or other devices. Never been a problem to go a couple of nights without hook up in the winter currently we have a Varda LFD 90 previously a 105 a/h battery. We rarely go more than a couple of days without moving on or driving to a place of interest so that replenishes battery for us.

          We usually use heater on low power as Gill finds the fan noise annoying – me, wouldn’t hear it without my hearing aids Ha Ha !

          Hope this helps


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            thanks for that I too am a low power user, so I think I could use the heating on low fan without problems,

            so thanks again


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