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      Barry & Maggie

        1. This is the first in a series of occasional articles, written for the new Exsis owner (and maybe even someone new to motorhoming). A purely personal view, I’ll illustrate some of the “improvements” or modifications I’ve made to our Exsis or that I’ve seen made, in the hope that it may inspire newbies, give them ideas and show them how to tailor their motorhome to themselves. It also gives me an opportunity to resurrect cures to some problems we’ve experienced over the years. Most of this is available to you with a good read of the Little Exsis Book, but there’s no harm repeating good stuff here.

        So… you have your beautiful new Exsis parked outside and it’s perfect, or… maybe it’s not quite?
        Maybe the previous owners have left you a heavily modified Exsis with nothing to add, but maybe not?
        But you’d like to make your Exsis more “your own” in any case?
        Or maybe you want to avoid or rectify all those little niggling faults that everyone else has sorted, but you’re still struggling with?

        Right, first a caution… Anything you do to your Exsis by way of “modification”, certainly if it is on show, may almost certainly detract from its value when you come to sell it. You may be lucky and your gadget for removing bottle tops is perfect for you, screwed robustly in the centre of the wall. But the prospective purchaser may HATE it, and be left with big screwholes when they remove it.

        So… the first rule of modifying your Exsis (or any motorhome really) is try not to do anything that leaves a permanent scar. Of course, that’s not always possible but just be cognisant of this as you prepare to wield your screwdriver, hammer and saw!

        Ok… What’s the first thing you should considet doing? The most effective mod? The one everybody else does but it never occurred to you?
        Have you banged your head yet in the Exsis?
        Oh, several times, eh?
        Ha! Join the club!

        My suggestion would be to get a 1 metre piece of 5 cm approx diameter foam pipe lagging. They’re often sold in packs of three for a pound or so and grey is a good colour option as it blends in to the decor. Place a length of this over the seam that runs across the width of the cab, between the cab and the habitation. Place it over the curtain rail – it’ll stay there nicely under its own grip, but you’ll just have to remove it to draw the curtain.

        Now take another shorter piece and clip it above the habitation door (it squashes nicely when you shut the door).

        There… You’ve just sorted the two most painful areas for your poor bonce in the Exsis, for just pence and not a lot of work! You’ve made your first modification!

        There will be other suggestions as we go along, but meanwhile, if you’ve made mods to your Exsis, how about telling us about them. Just not about the perfect bottle top opener screwed to the middle of the wall!!


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        Fred & Gill


          I used white 15mm pipe insulation – the thinner type with overall diameter approx 33mm and we only use a 150 – 200mm length. Style over substance and we only use it on site.

          Sometimes we use a little stick on furry bee instead , which is more amusing.


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          Barry & Maggie

            Great idea, Fred, and a good alternative.

            Something else I considered, because pulling the cab curtains means the bumper needs to be removed, is to permanently fit a strip of a ‘frayed’ or ‘tasseled” material that hangs down below the rail and draws attention to its presence.  As we so rarely draw the cab curtains, the foam bumper idea was the one I eventually went for.


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