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        Dear All

        As potential Exsis owners (we have looked at a beauty that is for sale and are just making up our minds) I have 2 questions:

        1. how do you manage getting to the loo in the night? Easy or challenging? Jez and I have an average age of 60 😉 and although relatively fit and agile we do wonder about the whole process. Worried it may be hard to turning around to go down feet first while not waking the other and then managing the ladder.

        2. any recommendations on air con for the cab (while driving) as opposed to in the living area.

        Thanks in advance

        Michele and Jez

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        Barry & Maggie

          Hi Michele & Jez,

          I think retro-fitting aircon into the dash will be be just SO expensive as to be not worth while.  I suppose it might be possible to remove the air con system from a scrap Ducato, but an immense amount of detailed, technical work.  But it may be that you can actually find a company that does retro-fit air cons?  Try these for a start… https://tinyurl.com/y26lf38p

          Simpler would be the Dometic roof aircon, fitted in place of the skylight.  It could be controlled remotely (from the cab) and make the entire Exsis cool, not just the cab area..


          Good luck.




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            Hi Michele & Jez,

            We worried about the bed access when we bought our first Exsis 16 years ago when I was 62. You only need 3 steps to get to the ‘leg over’ position and I still find it easy. Keeps me fit.

            More challenging was lifting the bed but with powerful struts this is easy as well


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              We looked at retro-fitting cab aircon in helga. Cost was around £2500. I like the look of the roof mounted one, gives you on the road and on site cooling.

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              Barry & Maggie

                And that roof-mounted one is also still a rooflight, albeit a bit smaller than the beautifully big original Heki.


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