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        Jan de Bloois created the Facebook group The Little Exsis Group which I have populated with links to all of the problems etc. posted in The Hymer Exsis SK/SG group. Included in the group announcements is a link to The Little Exsis Book.

        The group is exclusively for problems and enhancements which also appear in the main group but this also includes posts about happy things like holidays.

        From now on I will update the book with the website forum posts but not with the Facebook group posts as they tend to be in a different format. The Facebook posts are built on photos with comments as opposed to text with photos.

        Hopefully update the book soon.


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          Hi Tom

          Thanks for the heads up on this, have joined already!

          There are several interesting ideas on there, some of which I will take further.

          Many thanks for looking at updating the little Exsis book, it is invaluable.


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