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      Jean Johnson

        We’re regularly losing power on inclines, fairly mild ones too. H has done around 90,000 miles, automatic gear box, and has 2.8 Peugeot engine. On slightly steeper inclines in second gear, it hardly exceeds 20 mph.

        Any advice please?


        Erwin and Jean

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          Good evening Jean

          we had a problem with loss of power on inclines and found a problem with the air intake to the carburettor. Long time ago so don’t remember the exact solution


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          Jean Johnson

            Hi Tom,

            Very many thanks for your swift response!! 😊

            We will get that looked at. It’s now struggling to make 10mph on inclines ….  on way home from Maldon …. ouch, hope we make it!!    Already had AA out today re not starting,  …. to do with the sigma alarm.

            Many thanks again


            J and E

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            Fred & Gill

              Do you have a red light showing on the dashboard panel and when you lift your foot off does the light go off – perhaps turbo sensor/EGR related?


              Could be just an air leak as Tom suggests, or if you have the red light may be a bit more complicated and need diagnostic reading by garage. Perhaps one of the pressure sensors or EGR valve sticking.

              Had a bit of bother with mine for a couple of years and got it sorted earlier this year. They had two bites of the cherry involving checking for air leaks and replacing sensors, then freeing up EGR valve – total cost was about £350 – been ok so far. Mine is a 2.3 JTD

              Hope you have an easy fix and get some more trips in.




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