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        Hi all

        Has anyone recently loaded a small motorbike on the towbar.  If so what bike and carrier?

        Also where will I find information for the gross vehicle weight before adding more to the rear.


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          Hi Jacaldo,

          Hector put a rack to carry a motorbike on his Exsis, have a look here:

          Motorcycle rack and towbar

          We had a towbar fitted to Helga by Whatling Engineering, they have a great form to help work out weights etc, as well as fitting/selling suitable towers and motorbike carriers

          All The Best


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          Fred & Gill

            If that is what you want to do rather than a trailer, then as Chris says it has been done before by Ted as stated above.

            I also remember from years ago that there was a white one from near Frome in Somerset that had one, that member sold up quite a few years ago…just can’t remember his Forum name (original Forum).

            Think that he also  had air assist on rear springs which will add extra weight.

            Will eat into payload if you stay at 3500kg, but definitely has been done….would get my Guzzi on one though!


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            Barry & Maggie

              I wanted to take a motorcycle with us, but not a small one – my BMW would have overloaded the rear of the Exsis somewhat!

              I didn’t want to tow “a trailer”, with all the complications that accompany them.  I chose a Hydratrail.  Page 145 of the Little Exsis Book explains my thinking, the Hydratrail concept, how I fitted the towbar (almost invisibly!) and shows the Hydratrail in use with both my little old BSA C15T  (my late Dad’s) and my big BMW.

              This solution has much to commend it, though it’s not the solution for most, I guess.  It might give you something to think about though?

              Also, I cannot praise Watling Engineering highly enough – they “got” what I wanted to achieve with wanting to make the towbar almost hidden and also with my removable drawbar concept, all carried out in one day, with no fuss.  Recommended.


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