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        Hi to all fellow Exsis owners,

        We have just bought a very nice 2007 SK recently advertised on Auto trader /Ebay from thr Glasgow dealer GO Explore Scotland. I have to say they handled the whole process with professionalism and great customer care, its a rare case these days to say that.Our van was very well prepared and they went above and beyond my expectations on fixing all known issues (and some not known), highly recommended. They have another SK which I don’t think they have advertised yet.

        So, as a new owner a couple of questions:

        Windscreen wipers, ours seem a bit “weedy” are there Exsis specific versions (given that it’s not the standard Ducato screen) or what are you using?

        Carpets, ours doesn’t have the originals, any recommendations? There is the typical kitchen type floor covering which is OK but would prefer something better/nicer/bound edges.

        2 piece shower door rattles and has no way to pull closed from main area (drill a finger hole?)

        That’s about it, love it’s “difference”, the space and the features. I can see why it’s becoming a bit of a classic to those in the know.

        Oh, getting into/out of the upper bed: I just stand on the inner step, hand on both sides and step up onto the corner of the kitchen unit and roll into bed. Getting out face outwards, hands both sides lower down onto kitchen unit and onto the inner step. Much easier for me during the night than the ladder….



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          This van has a lot going for it as you’ll know having sought one.  I have never regretted my purchase in 2007 of one of the last vans to be made (2006SG 2.8 JTD ).  Bought it sight unseen, having decided an Exsis was ‘the one’, in Preston and drove it back to Stirlingshire where I live.  Slightly disturbed by the fuel consumption on that drive.  Got it remapped and it’s better but in 5th at 60+, I can induce clutch slip on overtaking esp uphill, but learned to be careful

          Your bed entry and exit technique is one of many I’ve explored including coming down ladder head first.  I was having difficulties getting up and turning around a few years back but a hip replacement cured that and I can turn around in the space with minimal disturbance to my wife on one of my fairly frequent loo visits.

          Mine came with straw coloured carpets with bound edges, but these are showing their age and the rubber backing is perishing and sticks to the vinyl floor leaving hard to shift residue.  I’ve cut stiff paper underlay to stop this.  I could do with replacements.

          The wipers blades are not great – the screen is very curved and some wipers miss the top.  Keep an eye on the mechanism and make sure the pivots are well lubricated.  Maybe try a different design of blade?  I’ve thought too on applying a rain repellent but not had the guts yet to try it,

          I’ve never wanted to close the toilet plywood bifold door from the outside (some vans have concertina style folding screens)  When folded back and latched, the door did rattle but some adhesive rubber pads cured that.

          If you look at other vans, you will discover that Hymer made all sorts of minor improvements along the way.  Mine for example has a small hot air duct that diverts some of the warmth into the bottom of the  fresh water tank.  I’ve not seen that on anyone else’s.

          Currently beset with ABS problems which I’ll document someday.  Garage now suspects the wiring loom as the ECU reports no communication.  ABS pump was repaired 3 weeks back. It was all fine last week when it sailed through the MOT test.

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            Many thanks for your reply and insight Tony.

            I’ll take all your comments and ideas on board except perhaps the head first down the ladder exit strategy…

            Interesting on the Abs fault, this van failed a previous MOT when they found that both ABS wires had been “cut” during use. It has also had a number of small electrical failures (due mostly from poor earth’s or rust/moisture ingress).

            Ah well I’m sure there are many highs and potential lows to come but unfortunately that always seems to be the case with vehicles whether it’s motorcycles, boats or vans.




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            Fred & Gill

              Welcome Pablo and best wishes for your ownership and happy usage of your ‘classic van’

              the bifold door can be rattle proofed by adding some sticky felt chair leg pads or some kitchen door/drawer buffers.

              Whilst in camping mode you can just flip the  second leaf closed, but it won’t be secured – so no good for when traveling.

              I made a mod to my door to avoid having to always press the wardrobe door button to locked position by cutting out a semi circle and fitting a kitchen hinge blanking plate – see photo

              if you want to obscure the open bathroom just pull the shower curtain around

              The Exsis has the standard Ducato windscreen wiper mechanism with different wiper arms (Volvo)

              Wiper blades are standard fitting- originally perhaps a bit short ( 20/22 “ I think??), so you can fit extended lengths. Normally I fit 22” on passenger side but they overlap the curve so I have 21” currently. Driver side I use 24”, but currently have 26” as Suggested by CV ( Chris ) I think – I do worry about the extra stress caused by the extra length on the mechanism though.

              It is a good idea to use RainX  because there are large areas not covered by the windscreen wiper sweep




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                Many thanks to you both for your welcome and useful guidance.

                Pads applied to door and wipers sourced.

                I had seen previous recommendations for RainX, as mentioned with such a large screen the wipers will need all the help they can get, ordered and on its way.

                I’ve just ordered new cab mats from van mats UK, they can make LH drive versions with a template at no additional cost so it will be interesting to see the results.

                Thanks to all.


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                  I’ll definitely document my ABS problems when it’s finally fixed!


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