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        This is my first time posting here.  Hello everyone.

        I have a wing mirror question. I drove too close to a hedge which sadly had a post in the middle of it and cracked the glass in both my drivers side mirrors…the left hand side as it is a left hand drive.

        The garage wanted to charge me £200 to replace the whole unit. It has failed the MOT because of the broken glass, even though I can still see in them and use them to drive.  I only want the mirror glass replaced as the rest of the housing is perfectly intact.  I thought I could just go out and get replacement glass and do it myself. But this is proving very difficult.

        I looked online and there are so many variations, it’s hard to tell which mirrors I need.  I went to Eurocarparts and they have managed  eventually and after many attempts to get me the correct glass for the top mirror, which is heated and electric but the bottom blind spot mirror is proving more of a problem to them.  They have managed to get a manual one complete with it’s own housing that screws into the bottom of the top mirror. Ideally I would prefer an electric heated one, but I would be happy to use this one if I knew what to do with the redundant stray wires left from the electric mirror. I don’t want them to cause weird electrical problems in the van.  I am not very handy and I am sure there is a simple solution.

        Can anyone help with my wires ?

        Can anyone point me in the direction of a replacement left hand electric blind spot mirror too?

        Thank you


        (A not very handy but very keen and proud 2005 Hymer Exsis SK owner since 2017)

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          I had to replace the entire unit, but the Exsis version has an extended stalk compared with the Ducato one. So I bought a standard Ducato mirror and transplanted it to the existing hinged stalk.

          If you want to deal with the spare heater wires – just wrap some insulating tape on the ends, fasten them together with more tape and tuck out of the way so they wont short.

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