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      Fred & Gill


        Roof Light – Outer Frame Removal  Methodology

        On Wednesday during the persistent heavy rain Gill noticed that I had left the skylight well open from heatwave ventilation and queried if that would be alright. I said that the upstand should prevent rain getting in, but I went and checked- there was a drip from the inner frame.

        I checked today during when it was blowing a Hooley …and the ladder was blown down with me on the roof- lucky Gill heard the clatter and no damage was done thankfully – surely a sign that I’m too old for all of this.

        Problem is that the temporary fix with sealant that I did in 2017? Has shrunk back so I think I need to execute a proper repair this time.

        I am interested to hear if anyone has taken off the outer support frame for the skylight support and winding mechanism and then the outside metal frame upstand?

        I think that having removed the skylight (which I have done before) the support frame will come off from the top, which will then give access to the metal upstand frame….but there is a bugbear as it appears that there are self tapper screws holding it in place though its side from the inside behind the white inner plastic frame!!!!

        Thankfully Tresjolie (our dear Tom) has posted a great ‘How To’ on the removal of the entire roof light inner frame see General Discussion P.7 #1310 on 30/06/2019 – thanks Tom.

        So before I start the process if ever the weather relents and the sun shines has anyone taken the outer roof support off?

        Tom, when you showed that your inner white plastic frame upstand was cracked, I checked mine and there were only a few hairline cracks – there are a few more now.

        Is there room behind that frame for me to reinforce with fibre glass matting  and then spray the outside with a thick coat of plastic paint?

        Appreciate comments, thankyou


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        Barry & Maggie

          Good luck with this, Fred.  It’s a big job but quite straightforward, with Tom’s invaluable help.  The biggest problem I think you’ll have is… finding a pleasant enough day or two to do this!

          Best wishes and hopes for better weather.


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            Hi Fred

            Scratching of head trying to remember what I did. I’ve re-read my post and I don’t think I used sealant I left well alone as it wasn’t leaking. Also Oliver Dill did not replace the sealant as he say’s it was pushed out from the outer frame.

            The new roof light has worked well but, because it’s probably not the up-to-date type with the extra ventilation, it gets very hot inside. I have resorted to raising it slightly in very warm weather and shutting it when rain is forecast.

            Good luck.


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            Fred & Gill

              Thanks Barry & Tom.

              I covered suspect area with tape yesterday ( difficult at front area because of skylight frame) – we have had several good storms here today and so far it seems ok.

              Thats good news as I can wait out the weather.

              My old type skylight seems ok so apart from potential damage to the fragile inner frame trim ( which I hope to beef up and spray), I hope the only outlay will be sealant and sealant remover.


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