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        Hi all,

        We are really enjoying our Exsis experience and feel we have entered into a little known exclusive world of motorhome happiness!

        Long may it last.

        I’ve read all the posts in the little Exsis book and the forum on security but have a couple of additional questions:

        1: anyone fitted a Milenco or Fiamma frame lock on the habitation door?

        It needs 5mm clearance to work between door and frame, looks possible but would be good to know if anyone has fitted one or the other.

        2: window security, 2 piece magnetic alarms, Lock M Out or other options?

        3: seems like sash jammers and seat belts through the door pulls may be best for the cab doors, any thoughts on this.

        I think we all realise that it’s neither possible nor practical to completely secure our vans but I’d like to tap into others experience on what they have found to be the best ballance between factory fitted and practical enhanced security.



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          The biggest vulnerability is the cab doors which can be opened in 30 seconds with a screwdriver.  I was alerted to this by an ex Exsis owner who had a break in in Barcelona.  It’s incredibly simple.  I’ll refrain from posting how to do it here, but happy to advise.

          I fitted Heosafe  locks the the cab door, which thwarted a breakin attempt a mere year later in France.  I only noticed the damage to the locks a day later.  I’ve also fitted a double throw ABUS cylinder lock to the habitation door.

          Strongly recommend both!


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            Thanks for your reply Tony.

            Yes cab doors seem to bring to mind chocolate fireguard syndrome…

            Noted on the heosafe locks, will investigate.



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