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        Using the excellent advice from the ‘Little Exsis Book’ I tackled fitting a SOG unit last weekend.

        All went well, and the only thing I changed was to keep the board hiding the water heater,  routing the pipe via a 19mm 90 degree bend through a hole drilled in it. It makes a neater finish I think.

        I had to jigsaw the board a little so I could still get my hand in to get to the waste tank valve.

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        Barry & Maggie

          That’s a lovely neat install, Chris.  I particularly like the right-angled joint.

          I didn’t have a blanking board fitted to my Exsis so I didn’t have to fit round it.  But so that I don’t have to reach into the depths of the Exsis to turn on/off the waste tape, I fitted a very handy 40cm flexible pipe onto the waste outlet, that I then put a good quality tap onto.  The upsides are that I don’t have to go to the boot area to operate the waste tap and I can point the waste outlet in the best direction very easily now.  The downside is that the tap gets grubby and hence my fingers do too!

          Thanks again for showing us your SOG installation.

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            thanks Barry, will have a look at your suggestion about the pipe, if  i don’t need to get to the tap, I may cut a board which covers the whole lot.

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            Fred & Gill

              Chris, you have made some great mods on your van and proving to be a great asset to the Exsis Owners Forum, thanks.

              Many years ago, Robin from Chippenham who probably does not have his Exsis now as we never hear from him, made his own version by using computer fans (easily available ) housed in a funnel, but I see that you used a SOG unit.


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