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        Hi all,

        has anyone fitted the white plastic corners to the extreme corners of the step without taking it apart is there a trick.



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        Fred & Gill

          Hello Marley, my corner pieces are grey.

          One broke many many years ago (so can’t remeber the detail).

          I just ‘Araldited’ it in place and didn’t buy a new part.

          I do recal several years ago on another Forum reading that these caps were available (not sure if they are now).

          Did you buy new corner caps? If so perhaps a reference on this thread may help others.

          Thanks, Fred


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            thanks for reply, I have posted the website of the supplier on a previous post, if you buy from Hymer they will cost an arm and a leg.

            I think I may have to remove the tread, and sides to fix them as they cannot be inserted from the sides

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