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      Barry & Maggie

        The toilet… Never an easy subject to discuss, but here goes!  Long-time motorhomers will have worked out their own routine, but for those just starting out, here are some ideas.  My own views, obviously, but I hope they help.

        1. Unless you always stay on main camp sites, having an extra toilet cassette box can be SO handy. It happens to easily store in the basement/ boot area, and is simply swapped. It enables you to go for days longer without having to empty. They cost around £90.

        2. A SOG unit is really excellent in the Exsis. For those who don’t know, it’s a small fan unit attached by tube to the toilet cassette box, that sucks fresh air down into the cassette from the toilet bowl, blowing this air out of the Exsis in a variety of ways.  The important thing is that it keeps all smells from entering the Exsis, expelling them instead.  A SOG can be easily DIY fitted or very simple for your dealer to fit.

        3. I’ve found that Fiamma toilet paper is THE best for cassette toilet use, albeit a bit more expensive.

        4. The question… ‘Poo’, then open cassette flap OR open cassette flap and then ‘poo’?
        Without SOG I suppose it doesn’t really matter, as either method involves the creation of “unpleasant smells”.  But with SOG, opening the flap first is best – no smells at all in the Exsis. The act of opening the flap switches on the fan – simple as that.  I highly recommend fitting a SOG unit.

        5. Finally, I swapped the washroom rooflight for one with a built-in IN/OUT fan, very handy to remove steam/condensation from the shower, overspray from hair- or body-sprays, or just “smells”.  Tom’s “The Little Exsis Book” describes how I carried out this very straightforward mod and also how I fitted the SOG.


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